[hip-uh-pot-uh-muh s]

noun, plural hip·po·pot·a·mus·es, hip·po·pot·a·mi [hip-uh-pot-uh-mahy] /ˌhɪp əˈpɒt əˌmaɪ/.

a large herbivorous mammal, Hippopotamus amphibius, having a thick hairless body, short legs, and a large head and muzzle, found in and near the rivers, lakes, etc., of Africa, and able to remain under water for a considerable time.

Origin of hippopotamus

1555–65; < Latin < Greek hippopótamos, earlier híppos potámios literally, riverine horse (term used by Herodotus in his account of the Egyptian hippopotamus); compare Middle English ypotame, ypotamos, ypotanus < Old French ypotame < Medieval Latin ypotamus
Related formship·po·po·tam·ic [hip-uh-puh-tam-ik] /ˌhɪp ə pəˈtæm ɪk/, hip·po·po·ta·mi·an [hip-uh-puh-tey-mee-uh n] /ˌhɪp ə pəˈteɪ mi ən/, adjective
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Contemporary Examples of hippopotamus

  • I'm not the hippopotamus I think I am when I'm comparing myself to Blake Lively.

    The Daily Beast logo
    The Fat Wars

    Marisa Meltzer

    May 19, 2009

Historical Examples of hippopotamus

  • Just think of the Hippopotamus, the horse or "hippos" that lives in the rivers.

    Ancient Man

    Hendrik Willem van Loon

  • It was as if a dweller in a Harlem flat had been presented with a hippopotamus.


    Joseph C. Lincoln

  • You have never tried to demonstrate to a hypnotic that a table is not a hippopotamus.

  • It was voted by acclamation, that Hippopotamus was agreeable to the company.

  • "I don't believe you ever had a $100 bill," growled the Hippopotamus.

    Andiron Tales

    John Kendrick Bangs

British Dictionary definitions for hippopotamus


noun plural -muses or -mi (-ˌmaɪ)

a very large massive gregarious artiodactyl mammal, Hippopotamus amphibius, living in or around the rivers of tropical Africa: family Hippopotamidae. It has short legs and a thick skin sparsely covered with hair
pigmy hippopotamus a related but smaller animal, Choeropsis liberiensis

Word Origin for hippopotamus

C16: from Latin, from Greek hippopotamos river horse, from hippos horse + potamos river
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Word Origin and History for hippopotamus

1560s, from Late Latin hippopotamus, from Greek hippopotamus "riverhorse" (earlier ho hippos ho potamios "the horse of the river"), from hippos "horse" (see equine) + potamos "river, rushing water" (see potamo-). Replaced Middle English ypotame (c.1300), which is from the same source but via Old French. Glossed in Old English as sæhengest.

Ypotamos comen flyngynge. ... Grete bestes and griselich ["Kyng Alisaunder," c.1300]
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