[ hahyv ]
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  1. a shelter constructed for housing a colony of honeybees; beehive.

  2. the colony of bees inhabiting a hive.

  1. something resembling a beehive in structure or use.

  2. a place swarming with busy occupants: a hive of industry.

  3. a swarming or teeming multitude.

verb (used with object),hived, hiv·ing.
  1. to gather into or cause to enter a hive.

  2. to shelter as in a hive.

  1. to store up in a hive.

  2. to store or lay away for future use or enjoyment.

verb (used without object),hived, hiv·ing.
  1. (of bees) to enter a hive.

  2. to live together in or as in a hive.

Verb Phrases
  1. hive off, British. to become transferred from the main body of a commercial or industrial enterprise through the agency of new ownership.

Origin of hive

First recorded before 900; Middle English; Old English hȳf; akin to Old Norse hūfr “ship's hull,” Latin cūpa “vat”

Other words for hive

Other words from hive

  • hiveless, adjective
  • hivelike, adjective
  • hiver, noun Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2024

How to use hive in a sentence

  • The first time old Deacon Gibson, a local preacher, had been hiving a swarm of bees when Nicodemus arrived on the scene.

    Red Dynamite | Roy J. Snell
  • We meantime will gather up a few strays that even under these circumstances appear worth hiving.

    William Blake | Algernon Charles Swinburne
  • There was a dull murmurous commotion afar off, such as bees make when they are hiving.

    Golden Stories | Various
  • When the bees cluster again on the tree, the process of hiving must be repeated.

  • Clement feared nothing, but he had seen few face a hiving without some distrust.

    Children of the Mist | Eden Phillpotts

British Dictionary definitions for hive


/ (haɪv) /

  1. a structure in which social bees live and rear their young

  2. a colony of social bees

  1. a place showing signs of great industry (esp in the phrase a hive of activity)

  2. a teeming crowd; multitude

  3. an object in the form of a hive

  1. to cause (bees) to collect or (of bees) to collect inside a hive

  2. to live or cause to live in or as if in a hive

  1. (tr) (of bees) to store (honey, pollen, etc) in the hive

  2. (tr; often foll by up or away) to store, esp for future use: he used to hive away a small sum every week

Origin of hive

Old English hӯf; related to Westphalian hüwe, Old Norse hūfr ship's hull, Latin cūpa barrel, Greek kupē, Sanskrit kūpa cave

Derived forms of hive

  • hivelike, adjective

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