[lee for 1; lee-uh for 2]
  1. Homer,1876–1912, U.S. soldier and author: adviser 1911–12 to Sun Yat-sen in China.
  2. a female given name, form of Leah or Lee.
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British Dictionary definitions for homer lea


  1. poetic a meadow or field
  2. land that has been sown with grass seed

Word Origin for lea

Old English lēah; related to German dialect loh thicket


  1. a unit for measuring lengths of yarn, usually taken as 80 yards for wool, 120 yards for cotton and silk, and 300 yards for linen
  2. a measure of yarn expressed as the length per unit weight, usually the number of leas per pound

Word Origin for lea

C14: of uncertain origin


abbreviation for (in Britain)
  1. Local Education Authority
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Word Origin and History for homer lea



Old English leah "open field, meadow, piece of untilled ground," earlier læch, recorded in place names, from Proto-Germanic *laukhaz (cf. Old High German loh "cluster of bushes," and probably also Flemish -loo, which forms the second element in Waterloo), from PIE *louquo- (cf. Sanskrit lokah "open space," Latin lucus "grove," Lithuanian laukas "open field"), perhaps from or related to *leuk- "to shine, be bright" (see light (n.)).

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