homogentisic acid

[ hoh-muh-jen-tis-ik, -tiz-, hoh- ]
/ ˈhoʊ mə dʒɛnˈtɪs ɪk, -ˈtɪz-, ˌhoʊ- /


an intermediate compound in the metabolism of tyrosine and of phenylalanine, found in excess in the blood and urine of persons affected with alkaptonuria.

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Origin of homogentisic acid

First recorded in 1890–95; homo- + gentisic acid
Also called alkapton.
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Medical definitions for homogentisic acid

homogentisic acid
[ hō′mō-jĕn-tĭzĭk ]


An intermediate of the metabolic breakdown of tyrosine and phenylalanine; it occurs in the urine in cases of alkaptonuria.alkapton
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