[ on-er ]

noun, verb (used with object), adjectiveChiefly British.

usage note For honour

See -or1.

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How to use honour in a sentence

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US honor

/ (ˈɒnə) /

  1. personal integrity; allegiance to moral principles

    • fame or glory

    • a person or thing that wins this for another: he is an honour to the school

  1. (often plural) great respect, regard, esteem, etc, or an outward sign of this

  2. (often plural) high or noble rank

  3. a privilege or pleasure: it is an honour to serve you

  4. a woman's virtue or chastity

    • bridge poker any of the top five cards in a suit or any of the four aces at no trumps

    • whist any of the top four cards

  5. golf the right to tee off first

  6. do honour to

    • to pay homage to

    • to be a credit to

  7. do the honours

    • to serve as host or hostess

    • to perform a social act, such as carving meat, proposing a toast, etc

  8. honour bright British school slang an exclamation pledging honour

  9. in honour bound under a moral obligation

  10. in honour of out of respect for

  11. on one's honour or upon one's honour on the pledge of one's word or good name

  1. to hold in respect or esteem

  2. to show courteous behaviour towards

  1. to worship

  2. to confer a distinction upon

  3. to accept and then pay when due (a cheque, draft, etc)

  4. to keep (one's promise); fulfil (a previous agreement)

  5. to bow or curtsy to (one's dancing partner)

Origin of honour

C12: from Old French onor, from Latin honor esteem

Derived forms of honour

  • honourer or US honorer, noun
  • honourless or US honorless, adjective

British Dictionary definitions for Honour (2 of 2)


/ (ˈɒnə) /

  1. (preceded by Your, His, or Her)

    • a title used to or of certain judges

    • (in Ireland) a form of address in general use

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