hot-air balloon

  1. a lighter-than-air craft in which air heated by a flame is trapped in a large fabric bag

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How to use hot-air balloon in a sentence

  • I've certainly been on a dead level, but you went over the church steeples like a hot-air balloon in a wind-storm.

    The Cottage of Delight | Will N. Harben
  • It shot up high in the air much more rapidly than Montgolfier's hot-air balloon had done, and was soon beyond the clouds.

    The Mastery of the Air | William J. Claxton
  • Thus was invented the hot-air balloon; and we buy paper replicas of it to-day.

    The Aeroplane | Claude Grahame-White and Harry Harper
  • The hot-air balloon never could have become of great value to armies.

  • There was, too, very special danger in making an ascent in a hot-air balloon.

    The Mastery of the Air | William J. Claxton