[ hou-zing ]
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  1. any shelter, lodging, or dwelling place.

  2. houses collectively.

  1. the act of one who houses or puts under shelter.

  2. the providing of houses for a group or community: the housing of an influx of laborers.

  3. anything that covers or protects.

  4. Machinery. a fully enclosed case and support for a mechanism.

  5. Carpentry. the space made in one piece of wood, or the like, for the insertion of another.

  6. Nautical.

    • Also called bury . the portion of a mast below the deck.

    • Also called bury . the portion of a bowsprit aft of the forward part of the stem of a vessel.

    • the doubling of an upper mast.

  7. a niche for a statue.

Origin of housing

First recorded in 1350–1400; house + -ing1

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[ hou-zing ]

  1. a covering of cloth for the back and flanks of a horse or other animal, for protection or ornament.

  2. housings, the trappings on a horse.

Origin of housing

First recorded in 1690–1700; compare earlier house, Middle English hous(e), houc(e) in same sense, from Old French houce, from unrecorded Germanic hulfti- (compare Medieval Latin hultia ), akin to Middle Dutch hulfte “cover for bow and arrow,” Middle High German hulft “covering”; -ing1 added by association with house, housing1

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How to use housing in a sentence

  • The Housings and Equipage of the latter are of the same Pattern, and extremely rich.

  • As the man was sometimes defended entirely by garments of quilted fabrics, so the horse also wore pourpointed housings.

    Armour & Weapons | Charles John Ffoulkes
  • His coat-of-arms, that of the house of Friedwald, was richly emblazoned upon the housings of his courser.

    Under the Rose | Frederic Stewart Isham
  • The golden standards with the white pennons, the purple horse-housings and the silver staff fell to the brave Sviatoslavitch.

  • After them came a Turkish lady, a relation of the grand seignior, in a litter borne by two camels with rich housings.

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/ (ˈhaʊzɪŋ) /

    • houses or dwellings collectively

    • (as modifier): a housing problem

  1. the act of providing with accommodation

  1. a hole, recess, groove, or slot made in one wooden member to receive another

  2. a part designed to shelter, cover, contain, or support a component, such as a bearing, or a mechanism, such as a pump or wheel: a bearing housing; a motor housing; a wheel housing

  3. another word for houseline

British Dictionary definitions for housing (2 of 2)


/ (ˈhaʊzɪŋ) /

  1. (often plural) archaic another word for trappings (def. 2)

Origin of housing

C14: from Old French houce covering, of Germanic origin

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