hubba hubba

[ huhb-uh -huhb-uh ]
/ ˈhʌb ə ˈhʌb ə /
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interjection Slang.
(an exclamation of admiration, approval, or enthusiasm, used especially by G.I.'s of World War II as a shout in appreciation of a pretty girl.)
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The rainy weather could not ________ my elated spirits on my graduation day.
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Origin of hubba hubba

1940–45, Americanism; origin uncertain; much speculation has been devoted to the original sense and origin of this expression; the foreign sources proposed (e.g., Arabic, Chinese, Spanish ) are generally improbable and lack supporting evidence
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What does hubba hubba mean?

Hubba hubba is a slang interjection that is used to express excitement or approval, especially of a person’s physical appearance. Hubba hubba is most closely associated with its use to indicate sexual attraction.

Hubba hubba is typically used in casual communication, such as when commenting on someone familiar in person or on social media. It often sounds a bit silly or old-fashioned, so it’s typically used in a way that’s intended to be at least somewhat  humorous, such as when commenting on a friend’s outfit. However, because hubba hubba is often used to indicate sexual attraction or comment on someone’s physical appearance, some people may find the phrase offensive, especially if it is directed at them by someone they don’t know.

It can also be used in other, often ironic ways, such as to comment on appetizing food.

Where does hubba hubba come from?

The first records of the phrase hubba hubba come from the 1940s. Its use at the time was associated with U.S. soldiers reacting to attractive women. There are theories that it is based on words from another language, but the exact origin of the phrase is unknown.

Due to the time when it was first popularized, it is often associated with the 1940s and 1950s, and it is sometimes used in references to pop culture (such as movies and cartoons) from that time.

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How is hubba hubba used in real life?

Hubba hubba often sounds old-fashioned and is usually used in a way that’s intended to be at last somewhat funny. However, it can be considered offensive due to focusing on a person’s physical appearance, especially when it’s directed at a stranger.

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