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[hyoo-gin, hoo- or, often, yoo-]
noun Scandinavian Mythology.
  1. one of the two ravens of Odin that brought him news from the whole world.
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Compare Munin.

Origin of Hugin

< Old Norse Huginn, equivalent to hugi mind, thought + (i)nn definite article
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Historical Examples

  • Huggins, like Hugh, appears to have the same root as Hugin, viz.

    Notes and Queries, Number 212, November 19, 1853


  • I thought that Odin's birds, Hugin and Munin, sat on a tree before me.

  • And Hugin flapped his wings, and said, 'What more vile than a false friend?

  • Hugin and Munin were Othin's attendant ravens who gave him information.

  • Their names were Hugin and Munin, and they came from the ends of the earth, where Odin sent them every morning.