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  1. simple past tense and past participle of hang.
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  1. Slang: Vulgar. (of a male) having very large genitals.
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  1. hung over, Informal. suffering the effects of a hangover: On New Year's Day the houseguests were all hung over.Also hungover.
  2. hung up, Informal.
    1. detained unavoidably.
    2. stymied or baffled by a problem.
    3. Baseball, Softball.(of a base runner) trapped between bases and in danger of being tagged out.
  3. hung up on, Slang.
    1. obsessed by: a clerk hung up on petty details.
    2. infatuated with.
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Related formsun·hung, adjectivewell-hung, adjective
Can be confusedhanged hung (see usage note at hang)

Usage note

See hang.
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troubled, haunted, preoccupied, dominated, controlled, infatuated, possessed, hooked, engrossed, beset, held, bewitched, dogged, gripped, fixated, harassed, seized, discontented, crabbed

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  1. the usual past tense and past participle of hang
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    1. (of a legislative assembly) not having a party with a working majoritya hung parliament
    2. unable to reach a decisiona hung jury
    3. (of a situation) unable to be resolved
  1. hung over informal suffering from the effects of a hangover
  2. hung up slang
    1. impeded by some difficulty or delay
    2. in a state of confusion; emotionally disturbed
  3. hung up on slang obsessively or exclusively interested inhe's hung up on modern art these days
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For most senses of hang the past tense and past participle is hung : I hung the curtains; he had hung the new painting on the wall . However, when the meaning is 'to suspend or be suspended by the neck until dead', the past tense and past participle is hanged : the traitors were hanged; they had hanged him at dawn . This form is also used in the idiom I'll be hanged
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past tense of hang; meaning "having impressive male genitals" is from 1640s; of a jury, "unable to agree," 1838, American English. Hung-over (also hungover) in the drinking sense is from 1950 (see hangover); hung-up "obsessed" is from 1961.

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