[hahy-oid]Anatomy, Zoology
  1. Also hy·oi·dal, hy·oi·de·an. noting or pertaining to a U-shaped bone at the root of the tongue in humans, or a corresponding bone or collection of bones in animals.
  1. the hyoid bone.

Origin of hyoid

1700–10; < New Latin hȳoïdes < Greek hȳoeidḗs, shaped like the letter hypsilon (i.e. upsilon), equivalent to hȳ- (derivative of letter name hŷ, variant of ŷ; see upsilon) + -oeidēs -oid
Related formspost·hy·oid, adjectivesub·hy·oid, adjectivesub·hy·oid·e·an, adjective
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adjective Also: hyoidal, hyoidean
  1. of or relating to the hyoid bone
noun Also: hyoid bone
  1. the horseshoe-shaped bone that lies at the base of the tongue and above the thyroid cartilage
  2. a corresponding bone or group of bones in other vertebrates

Word Origin for hyoid

C19: from New Latin hӯoïdes, from Greek huoeidēs having the shape of the letter upsilon, from hu upsilon + -oid
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1811, from French hyoïde (16c.), from Modern Latin hyoides, from Greek hyoeides "shaped like the letter U," from hu "letter U" (in later Greek called upsilon) + -oeides "like" (see -oid).

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hyoidean in Medicine


  1. Shaped like the letter U.
  2. Of or relating to the hyoid bone.
  1. The hyoid bone.
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