/ (hɜːˈkeɪnɪən) /

  1. of or relating to Hyrcania

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How to use Hyrcanian in a sentence

  • The former, a Preraphaelite, led his hearers through dim mazes, Hyrcanian wilds.

    Half A Chance | Frederic S. Isham
  • We are made to feel the touch of something galling in the manner of these Median and Hyrcanian troopers.

    Cyropaedia | Xenophon
  • The rocks of Caucasus brought thee forth, and an Hyrcanian tigress gave thee suck.

    Stories from Virgil | Alfred J. Church
  • It was like an eagle in the Hyrcanian mountains, swooping down on a lamb.

  • Didst ever see the criminals fight with wolves, Hyrcanian bears, and such like?