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or hu·ly

[hoo-lee, hy-lee]Scot.
  1. cautious; gentle.
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  1. cautiously; gently.
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Origin of hooly

1300–50; Middle English holy, apparently < Scandinavian; compare Old Norse hōfligr moderate
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Historical Examples of hooly

  • All hooly 'postles and 'vangellers, pray for us poor sinners!

    The Haunted Homestead

    E. D. E. N. Southworth

  • Exaltation of the holy Crosse29 is sayd / bycause that on this daye the hooly crosse & faythe were gretely enhaunced/.

  • And then Heracle commaunded hym all to god and to the hooly crosse wyth all the devocion that he myght.

  • And thenne the Jewe brought the Crysten man to the pytte / and then they drewe oute that hooly ymage /.

  • And here foloweth the noble tale of the Sancgreal that called is the hooly vessel.'