[ in-kom-pi-tuhns ]
/ ɪnˈkɒm pɪ təns /
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the quality or condition of being incompetent; lack of ability.
Law. the condition of lacking power to act with legal effectiveness.



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Also in·com·pe·ten·cy [in-kom-pi-tuhn-see] /ɪnˈkɒm pɪ tən si/ .

Origin of incompetence

First recorded in 1655–65; from French incompétence (equivalent to in- negative prefix + compétence); variant of earlier incompetency;see origin at incompetent;see also -cy, -ence, -ency
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Medical definitions for incompetence

[ ĭn-kŏmpĭ-təns ]


The quality of being incompetent or incapable of performing a function, as the failure of the cardiac valves to close properly.
The condition of being not legally qualified, as to stand trial.
The inability to distinguish right from wrong or to manage one's affairs.
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