1. cycle; cycles.

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[ sahy ]

  1. a male given name, form of Cyrus.

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  1. calendar year.

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  1. a suffix used to form abstract nouns from adjectives with stems in -t, -te, -tic, and especially -nt (democracy; accuracy; expediency; stagnancy; lunacy), and sometimes used to form action nouns (vacancy; occupancy).

  2. a suffix of nouns denoting rank or office, sometimes attached to the stem of a word rather than to the word itself: captaincy; magistracy.

Origin of -cy

Representing French -cie, -tie,Latin -cia, -tia,Greek -kia, -keia, -tia, -teia; in most cases to be analyzed as consonant + -y3, the consonant making the whole or the last member of the preceding morpheme

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  1. capacity.

  2. currency.

  1. cycle; cycles.

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  1. county. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2024

How to use cy in a sentence

  • Celuy-cy avoit souvent esvad le danger d'estre noy, et tout fraischement le beau jour de la Pentecoste dernire.

  • Of course cy goes practically every week, but I have always wanted another girl to go with.

    Dope | Sax Rohmer
  • "Mebbe it is, and mebbe it isn't," returned cy Parker stoutly.

  • "cy's got a hard heart, Ruth," he said with a sudden gravity that came strangely through his youthfulness.

    Fidelity | Susan Glaspell
  • Then, "We don't have to bother getting any room ready for cy," he said, with a scoffing little laugh.

    Fidelity | Susan Glaspell

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abbreviation for
  1. Cyprus (international car registration)

British Dictionary definitions for -cy (2 of 2)


  1. (forming nouns from adjectives ending in -t, -tic, -te, and -nt) indicating state, quality, or condition: plutocracy; lunacy; intimacy; infancy

  2. (forming abstract nouns from other nouns) rank or office: captaincy

Origin of -cy

via Old French from Latin -cia, -tia, Greek -kia, -tia, abstract noun suffixes

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