[ in-deks ]
/ ˈɪn dɛks /

noun, plural in·dex·es, in·di·ces [in-duh-seez] /ˈɪn dəˌsiz/.

verb (used with object)

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Origin of index

1350–1400; Middle English < Latin: informer, pointer, equivalent to in- in-2 + -dec- (combining form of dic-, show, declare, indicate; akin to teach) + -s nominative singular ending

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Examples from the Web for indexer

  • N dealing with the art of the indexer it is most important to consider the different classes of indexes.

    How to Make an Index|Henry B. Wheatley
  • But, curiously, the indexer of the Generale Beschrijvinge made four entries, in which he employed the word Australia.

British Dictionary definitions for indexer


/ (ˈɪndɛks) /

noun plural -dexes or -dices (-dɪˌsiːz)

verb (tr)

Derived Formsindexer, nounindexless, adjective

Word Origin for index

C16: from Latin: pointer, hence forefinger, title, index, from indicāre to disclose, show; see indicate

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Medicine definitions for indexer


[ ĭndĕks′ ]

n. pl. in•dex•es

A guide, standard, indicator, symbol, or number indicating the relation of one part or thing to another in respect to size, capacity, or function.
A core or mold used to record or maintain the relative position of a tooth or teeth to one another or to a cast.
A guide, usually made of plaster, used to reposition teeth, casts, or parts.
The index finger.
Related formsindex′ v.

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Culture definitions for indexer


An alphabetical list of subjects treated in a book. It usually appears at the end of the book and identifies page numbers on which information about each subject appears.

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