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noun, plural in·fin·i·ties.
  1. the quality or state of being infinite.
  2. something that is infinite.
  3. infinite space, time, or quantity.
  4. an infinite extent, amount, or number.
  5. an indefinitely great amount or number.
  6. Mathematics.
    1. the assumed limit of a sequence, series, etc., that increases without bound.
    2. infinite distance or an infinitely distant part of space.
  7. Photography.
    1. a distance between a subject and the camera so great that rays of light reflected from the subject may be regarded as parallel.
    2. a distance setting of the camera lens beyond which everything is in focus.

Origin of infinity

1350–1400; Middle English infinite < Latin infīnitās, equivalent to in- in-3 + fīni(s) boundary (see finish) + -tās -ty2
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noun plural -ties
  1. the state or quality of being infinite
  2. endless time, space, or quantity
  3. an infinitely or indefinitely great number or amount
  4. optics photog a point that is far enough away from a lens, mirror, etc, for the light emitted by it to fall in parallel rays on the surface of the lens, etc
  5. physics a dimension or quantity of sufficient size to be unaffected by finite variations
  6. maths the concept of a value greater than any finite numerical value
  7. a distant ideal point at which two parallel lines are assumed to meet
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Word Origin and History for infinity

late 14c., from Old French infinité "infinity; large number or quantity" (13c.), from Latin infinitatem (nominative infinitas) "boundlessness, endlessness," from infinitus boundless, unlimited" (see infinite). Infinitas was used as a loan-translation of Greek apeiria "infinity," from apeiros "endless."

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infinity in Science


  1. A space, extent of time, or quantity that has no limit.
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