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[ in-vey-zhuhn ]


  1. an act or instance of invading or entering as an enemy, especially by an army.
  2. the entrance or advent of anything troublesome or harmful, as disease.
  3. entrance as if to take possession or overrun:

    the annual invasion of the resort by tourists.

  4. infringement by intrusion.


/ ɪnˈveɪʒən /


  1. the act of invading with armed forces
  2. any encroachment or intrusion

    an invasion of rats

  3. the onset or advent of something harmful, esp of a disease
  4. pathol the spread of cancer from its point of origin into surrounding tissues
  5. the movement of plants to a new area or to an area to which they are not native

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Other Words From

  • prein·vasion adjective
  • rein·vasion noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of invasion1

1400–50; late Middle English < Late Latin invāsīon- (stem of invāsiō ), equivalent to invās ( us ), past participle of invādere + -iōn- -ion; invade

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Example Sentences

Over three books, author Liu Cixin tells the story of the ultimate betrayal of humanity by a group of people who invite an alien invasion of Earth.

From Quartz

The Kremlin, in neighboring Russia, has recognized Lukashenko’s victory and promised to uphold its treaty and defend Belarus from a foreign invasion … which caused many to fear Lukashenko would blame the protests on foreign adversaries.

From Ozy

Beyond all the ways that proctoring software can discriminate against students, algorithmic proctoring is also a significant invasion of privacy.

The use of these tools is an invasion of students’ privacy and, often, a civil rights violation.

Everything from actually an invasion to different possibilities that would not put our troops on the ground.

Figuring how to train Iraqi forces has dogged the United States since the 2003 invasion.

He branded it a fifth-column invasion into popular culture, normalizing radical, even communist ambitions.

One lefty tweeter even complained that an invasion of icky American tourists would undermine “family values” in Cuba.

Hikmatullah Shadman started working for American Special Forces teams in 2002 after the invasion that toppled the Taliban.

And Western capitals sought to play down the Russian invasion.

Spain is at war with North America, and now offers us this sugar-plum to draw us to her side to defend her against invasion.

Wright and his followers regard the opsonic index as an index of the power of the body to combat bacterial invasion.

So dies the invasion of England bogey which, from first to last, has wrought us an infinity of harm.

Some other stimulus to our Territorial recruiting than the fear of invasion will have to be invented in future.

At the English invasion of 1296, they would both be vigorous young men of twenty-two, or thereabouts.





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