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  1. Junior Association of Commerce.

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How to use jac in a sentence

  • Slowly the glass cylinder rose to the surface of the waves, and jac saw just beside her the boat containing her parents.

  • The first attempt to place an opera in this stilo rappresentativo on the stage was made by jac.

  • After passing five Editions, a Sixth appeared partly enlarged, and partly improved, by jac.

  • Ef you can't see well 'nough to do the overcastin' on thet jac'net petticoat, git out yer tettin' or them quilt squares.

    Crestlands | Mary Addams Bayne
  • "jac, you are very ridiculous," said Wyn, unable to help laughing a little; but her laugh was not very hearty.

    The Tree of Knowledge | Mrs. Baillie Reynolds