[jawn-tee, jahn-]

adjective, jaun·ti·er, jaun·ti·est.

easy and sprightly in manner or bearing: to walk with a jaunty step.
smartly trim, as clothing: a jaunty hat.

Origin of jaunty

1655–65; earlier jentee, juntee < French gentil noble, gentle, genteel with ending taken as -y1
Related formsjaun·ti·ly, adverbjaun·ti·ness, nounun·jaun·ty, adjective
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Related Words for jauntily

briskly, cheerfully, gaily, happily

Examples from the Web for jauntily

Contemporary Examples of jauntily

  • Meanwhile, New York Magazine ran a jauntily satirical article—“Bro, Can You Spare, Like, Five Bills?”

  • Springer jauntily replies, quickly adding that his tawdry syndicated show is probably a more accurate harbinger of the End Times.

    The Daily Beast logo
    Jerry Springer Wants His Privacy

    Lloyd Grove

    April 18, 2010

  • And let's not forget death panels, Sarah Palin's jauntily inflammatory phrase for the "Independent Medicare Advisory Board."

    The Daily Beast logo
    Health Care: A Critic's Index

    Tunku Varadarajan

    December 25, 2009

Historical Examples of jauntily

  • "To me, it is a matter of perfect indifference," said I, jauntily.

    A Day's Ride

    Charles James Lever

  • "A feller's got to be in this country," he replied, jauntily.

  • Sandy handed Brewer a cigar and stuck one, jauntily, in his own mouth.

  • All were strolling as leisurely and jauntily as only true plutocrats can afford to do.

  • “Some chaps is always thinking about going to bed,” said Bob jauntily.


    George Manville Fenn

British Dictionary definitions for jauntily


adjective -tier or -tiest

sprightly, self-confident, and cheerful; briska jaunty step
smart; trima jaunty hat
Derived Formsjauntily, adverbjauntiness, noun

Word Origin for jaunty

C17: from French gentil noble; see genteel
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Word Origin and History for jauntily



1660s, "elegant, stylish," from French gentil "nice, pleasing," in Old French "noble" (see gentle). Form reflects attempt to render the French pronunciation of gentil. Meaning "easy and sprightly in manner" first attested 1670s. Related: Jauntily; jauntiness.

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