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verb (used without object),jut·ted, jut·ting.
  1. to extend beyond the main body or line; project; protrude (often followed by out): The narrow strip of land juts out into the bay.

  1. something that juts out; a projecting or protruding point.

Origin of jut

First recorded in 1555–65; variant of jet1

Other words from jut

  • jut·ting·ly, adverb
  • outjut, verb (used with object), out·jut·ted, out·jut·ting.

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How to use jut in a sentence

  • To tell a live Shrimp from a Prawn, look at the long pointed beak which juts out from the front of the head.

    On the Seashore | R. Cadwallader Smith
  • There are no more ledges and this one juts out so far that even if there were smaller ones beneath we could not get to them.

    The Land of the Changing Sun | William N. Harben
  • The citadel crowns a headland, three hundred feet high, that juts boldly out into the St Lawrence.

    Letters from America | Rupert Brooke
  • The direction of the front-line trenches was so inclined with bends, juts, and angles as to give flanking fire upon attackers.

    The Old Front Line | John Masefield

British Dictionary definitions for jut


/ (dʒʌt) /

verbjuts, jutting or jutted
  1. (intr often foll by out) to stick out or overhang beyond the surface or main part; protrude or project

  1. something that juts out

Origin of jut

C16: variant of jet 1

Derived forms of jut

  • jutting, adjective

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