/ (Russian kamˈtʃatkən) /

  1. of or relating to Kamchatka, a peninsula in E Russia, or its inhabitants

  1. a native or inhabitant of Kamchatka

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How to use Kamchatkan in a sentence

  • Not only he had never seen this animal before, but even his Kamchatkan Cossack did not know it.

  • Whether they reached Bering Sea and the Kamchatkan shore before the next epoch of glaciation we do not know.

    The Red Man's Continent | Ellsworth Huntington
  • On the Kamchatkan coast several of the crew and sixteen of these girls were landed to pick berries.

    Alaska | Ella Higginson
  • In May the first whalers follow the Kamchatkan Coast northward, as the ice melts on that shore earlier than on ours.

    Alaska | Ella Higginson
  • It is bounded on the east by Alaska, and on the west by the Siberian and Kamchatkan coast.