[ kah-poot, -poot, kuh- ]
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  1. ruined; done for; demolished.

  2. unable to operate or continue: The washing machine is suddenly kaput.

Idioms about kaput

  1. go kaput, Slang. to cease functioning; break down:The old car finally went kaput.

Origin of kaput

First recorded in 1890–95; from German: originally, “trickless” (in game of piquet), from French (être) capot “(to be) without tricks,” i.e., make zero score

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/ (kæˈpʊt) /

  1. (postpositive) informal ruined, broken, or not functioning

Origin of kaput

C20: from German kaputt done for, from French être capot to have made no tricks (literally: to be hoodwinked), from capot hooded cloak

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