[kluh-veer, klav-ee-er, kley-vee-]


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or kla·vier

[kluh-veer, klav-ee-er, kley-vee-]


any musical instrument having a keyboard, especially a stringed keyboard instrument, as a harpsichord, clavichord, or piano.

Origin of clavier

1835–45; < German Klavier < French clavier keyboard; see clavier1

Related formscla·vier·ist, noun

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Examples from the Web for klavier

  • His Wohltemperirte Klavier had given us only a hint of all this.

    Musical Memories|Camille Saint-Sans

British Dictionary definitions for klavier



  1. any keyboard instrument
  2. the keyboard itself

Word Origin for clavier

C18: from French: keyboard, from Old French (in the sense: key bearer), from Latin clāvis key

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Word Origin and History for klavier



1708, "keyboard," from French clavier, originally "a key-bearer," from Latin clavis "key" (see slot (n.2)). The French word also is the source of German Klavier, Dutch klavier, Danish klaver, etc. The German word is the direct source of the name of the musical instrument, a sense attested from 1845 in English.

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