[ kuh-lah-chee, -lahch-kee ]
/ kəˈlɑ tʃi, -ˈlɑtʃ ki /
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noun, plural ko·lac·ky.
a sweet bun filled with jam or pulped fruit.
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Also ko·lach [koh-lahch], /ˈkoʊ lɑtʃ/, ko·la·che [koh-lah-chee]. /koʊˈlɑ tʃi/.

Origin of kolacky

1915–20; <Czech koláče, plural of koláč (derivative of kolowheel, circle; cf. kolo) or koláčky, plural of koláček, diminutive of koláč
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What is kolache?

A kolache is a sweet pastry filled with jam or pulped fruit.

A kolache is a traditional Czech flaky pastry with a depression on the top that is filled with small amounts of sweet jam or pulped fruit, such as apricots or prunes. They’re served as a midday snack or party appetizers. This sweet pastry is frequently found in bakeries run by Eastern European families throughout the world and is still a common treat in Czechia, Slovakia, and parts of Austria.

Bakers in the United States have adapted the kolache to be made from a variety of doughs and yeasted breads, using savory fillings, such as sausage and cheese making them in a variety of sizes. These Americanized kolache are served at any time of the day and are gaining popularity throughout North America, especially in Texas, where the adaptations seem to have begun.

Example: Run down to the bakery and pick up some kolaches for a treat, please.

Where does kolache come from?

The first records of the term kolache come from around 1915. It ultimately comes from the Czech word koláč, meaning “wheel” or “circle.”

Kolache came to America in the 1880s with a large wave of immigrants from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, who settled in rural Texas. As cultures in the area blended together, some Czech traditions and customs, such as kolache, became popular outside of the Czech community. Some people do not think the savory kolache are true kolache, but the untraditional recipes are as popular as the traditional ones. Some popular Tex-Czech kolache flavors include sauerkraut, pizza, barbeque pork, and dark chocolate.

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What are some other forms related to kolache?

  • kolacky (alternative spelling)
  • kolach (alternative spelling)

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How is kolache used in real life?

Kolache is particularly popular in Texas, which has a large Czech population, but you’ll find the word used anywhere you can purchase this sweet pastry.


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What state is kolache the most popular in?

A. Colorado
B. Texas
C. New Mexico
D. Louisiana