[ kawr-oh, kohr-oh ]
/ ˈkɔr oʊ, ˈkoʊr oʊ /

noun Psychiatry.

a culture-specific syndrome, occurring chiefly in China and southeastern Asia, characterized by anxiety and the fear of retraction of the penis or breasts and labia into the body.


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Origin of koro

< dialectal Malay (Kedah) kɔrɔ land turtle (standard Malay kura-kura
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Example sentences from the Web for koro

  • He at once had the chief Koro Koro, who happened to be on board, seized and bound hand and foot in the cabin.

    The Long White Cloud|William Pember Reeves
  • Koro Koro walked up and down among the rows of listeners keeping order with his chief's staff.

    The Long White Cloud|William Pember Reeves
  • The captain in return shot at the infuriated chief, but missed him, and Koro Koro paddled ashore.

    The Long White Cloud|William Pember Reeves
  • In the Gulph of Carpentaria, we did not observe any other than the koro, or grey slug.

British Dictionary definitions for koro

/ (ˈkɒrɒ) /

noun plural koro

  1. an elderly Māori man
  2. a title of respect for an elderly Māori man

Word Origin for koro

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