/ (ˈkuːˌlɑːn) /

  1. the Asiatic wild ass of the Russian steppes, probably a variety of kiang or onager

Origin of kulan

C18: from Kirghiz

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How to use kulan in a sentence

  • Here we saw a number of yaks in the luxuriant grass, and a nearly tame kulan kept them company.

  • The Tartars call him kulan, the Tibetans kiang, while the Mongolians give him the unpronounceable name of dschiggetai.

  • kulan slapped him heavily with the flat of his massive hand.

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  • He hooked his thick fingers in the collar of kulan's jacket and twisted until the big Martian loosed Novak and whirled around.

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  • Grasping a shoulder and a thigh, Fenton straightened his thick arms and kulan was hoisted aloft.

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