nonsense refrain in songs, probably from Old English la, a common exclamation; but la-la is imitative of babbling speech in many languages (cf. Greek lalage "babble, prattle," Sanskrit lalalla "imitation of stammering" Latin lallare "to sing to sleep, lull," German lallen "to stammer," Lithuanian laluoti "to stammer").

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  • And I says 'see the nice gentleman's stick,' and she gurgles 'la-la!'


    William McFee

  • He was leaning his hands on his stick and she reached out and took hold of it and says 'la-la!'


    William McFee

  • "It becomes us to take care of the pence now," she would say, and go on with her everlasting whistling, La-la.

  • "Tra-la la la-la-la-la, la-la la," he sang, snapping his fingers.