Origin of landscape

1590–1600; 1925–30 for def 6; < Dutch landschap; cognate with Old English landsceap, landscipe; akin to German Landschaft. See land, -ship

Related forms

re·land·scape, verb, re·land·scaped, re·land·scap·ing.
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British Dictionary definitions for landscaping


/ (ˈlændˌskeɪp) /



  1. (of a publication or an illustration in a publication) of greater width than heightCompare portrait (def. 3)
  2. (of a page) carrying an illustration or table printed at right angles to the normal text


(tr) to improve the natural features of (a garden, park, etc), as by creating contoured features and planting trees
(intr) to work as a landscape gardener

Word Origin for landscape

C16 landskip (originally a term in painting), from Middle Dutch lantscap region; related to Old English landscipe tract of land, Old High German lantscaf region
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