of, relating to, or affected with lethargy; drowsy; sluggish; apathetic.
producing lethargy: The lethargic heat and humidity of the day made me want to do nothing but nap.

Also le·thar·gi·cal.

Origin of lethargic

1350–1400; < Latin lēthargicus < Greek lēthargikós; replacing Middle English litargik < Medieval Latin litargicus (see lethargy, -ic)
Related formsle·thar·gi·cal·ly, adverbhy·per·le·thar·gic, adjectivenon·le·thar·gic, adjectivenon·le·thar·gi·cal, adjectivenon·le·thar·gi·cal·ly, adverbun·le·thar·gic, adjectiveun·le·thar·gi·cal, adjectiveun·le·thar·gi·cal·ly, adverb

Synonyms for lethargic

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Word Origin and History for lethargical



late 14c., litargik, from Latin lethargicus "affected with lethargy," from Greek lethargikos, from lethargos (see lethargy). Related: Lethargically.

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