or leu·co·pe·ni·a


noun Medicine/Medical.

a decrease in the number of white blood cells in the blood.

Origin of leukopenia

1895–1900; < New Latin leucopenia, equivalent to leuco- leuko- + Greek penía poverty, akin to pénesthai to be poor, toil; see -ia
Also called leu·ko·cy·to·pe·ni·a [loo-kuh-sahy-tuh-pee-nee-uh] /ˌlu kəˌsaɪ təˈpi ni ə/.
Related formsleu·ko·pe·nic, adjective
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Historical Examples of leukopenia

  • Decrease in number of leukocytes, or leukopenia, is not important.

  • Leukopenia has still another meaning in certain cases of severe anæmia, where it indicates a highly unfavourable prognosis.

  • It was the beginning stages, the harsh cough, the slight temperature, the leukopenia.


    Jesse Franklin Bone

leukopenia in Medicine



An abnormally low number of white blood cells in the circulating blood.leukocytopenia
Related formsleu′ko•penic adj.
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