long gun

[ lawng guhn, long ]
/ ˈlɔŋ ˈgʌn, ˈlɒŋ /


a handheld firearm with a long barrel, as a rifle, designed to be fired when braced against the shoulder: Grab your long guns, and let’s get in some target practice.
Ordnance. a mounted firearm, as a cannon, with a long barrel, especially as compared to a shorter-barreled howitzer: Near the foot of the watchtower was planted a long gun charged with the finest British powder.

Origin of long gun

First recorded in 1530–40
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Examples from the Web for long gun

  • I watched one man setting up his long-gun with skillful speed.

    Armageddon--2419 A.D.|Philip Francis Nowlan
  • Hold fast the long-gun, there; and unship the starboard ports.

    The Pirate|Frederick Marryat