long shot

[ lawng-shot, long ]
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  1. a horse, team, etc., that has little chance of winning and carries long odds.

  2. an attempt or undertaking that offers much but in which there is little chance for success: Getting tickets at this late date is a long shot, but I'll give it a whirl.

  1. Movies, Television. a camera shot taken at a relatively great distance from the subject and permitting a broad view of a scene.: Compare close-up (def. 2), medium shot.

Idioms about long shot

  1. by a long shot, by any means; by a measurable degree (usually used in the negative): They haven't finished by a long shot.

Origin of long shot

First recorded in 1785–95

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British Dictionary definitions for long shot

long shot

  1. a competitor, as in a race, considered to be unlikely to win

  2. a bet against heavy odds

  1. an undertaking, guess, or possibility with little chance of success

  2. films television a shot where the camera is or appears to be distant from the object to be photographed

  3. by a long shot by any means: he still hasn't finished by a long shot

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