[ mas-kyuh-lin ]
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  1. pertaining to or characteristic of a man or men: masculine attire.

  2. having qualities traditionally ascribed to men, as strength and boldness.

  1. Grammar. noting or pertaining to the gender of Latin, Greek, German, French, Spanish, Hebrew, etc., which has among its members most nouns referring to males, as well as other nouns, as Spanish dedo, “finger,” German Bleistift, “pencil.”

  2. (of a woman) mannish.

  1. the masculine gender.

  2. a noun or other element in or marking that gender.

Origin of masculine

First recorded in 1300–50; Middle English masculin, from Latin masculīnus, equivalent to mascul(us) “male” (mās “male” + -culus -cule1) + -īnus -ine1

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2. See male.

Other words for masculine

Other words from masculine

  • mas·cu·line·ly, adverb
  • mas·cu·lin·i·ty, mas·cu·line·ness, noun
  • hy·per·mas·cu·line, adjective
  • hy·per·mas·cu·line·ly, adverb
  • hy·per·mas·cu·line·ness, noun
  • hy·per·mas·cu·lin·i·ty, noun
  • non·mas·cu·line, adjective
  • non·mas·cu·line·ly, adverb
  • non·mas·cu·line·ness, noun
  • non·mas·cu·lin·i·ty, noun
  • pseu·do·mas·cu·line, adjective
  • su·per·mas·cu·line, adjective
  • su·per·mas·cu·lin·i·ty, noun
  • ul·tra·mas·cu·line, adjective
  • un·mas·cu·line, adjective
  • un·mas·cu·line·ly, adverb

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How to use masculine in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for masculine


/ (ˈmæskjʊlɪn) /

  1. possessing qualities or characteristics considered typical of or appropriate to a man; manly

  2. unwomanly

  1. grammar

    • denoting a gender of nouns, occurring in many inflected languages, that includes all kinds of referents as well as some male animate referents

    • (as noun): German ``Weg'' is a masculine

Origin of masculine

C14: via French from Latin masculīnus, from masculus male, from mās a male

Derived forms of masculine

  • masculinely, adverb
  • masculinity or rare masculineness, noun

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