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[ vuh-ril-i-tee ]


  1. the state or quality of being virile; manly character, vigor, or spirit; masculinity.
  2. the power of procreation.

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Other Words From

  • nonvi·rili·ty noun
  • ultra·vi·rili·ty noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of virility1

1580–90; < Latin virīlitās, equivalent to virīli ( s ) virile + -tās -ty 2

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Example Sentences

If you absolutely can’t control your virility then yes, slip into your shorts.

Together, these mishaps cause Larry’s new girlfriend Lucy Liu to suspect that he’s getting a little long in the tooth—and, as a result, that’s he’s lost his virility.

Thus, the understanding that dark skin was associated with masculinity and virility emerged from this broader dialogue involving both racialized and gendered identities.

After years of virility, their efforts may just prove impotent.

From Ozy

At his 1841 inauguration, Harrison tried to show off his virility by giving a two-hour speech without a coat, hat or gloves despite a cold snap.

From Ozy

The reason, Foster argues, is that impotence implies a lack of virility, a lack of manliness.

Predictably then, if oddly too, this man's very existence had become a test of Indian virility.

It is the cornea—the last redoubt of virility and independence.

None of this feared Republican virility is any more real than the charge that the GOP manufactured the Turfers.

It cannot be too strongly condemned, for its introduction robs the reeds of their characteristic virility of tone.

It remained in his a fraction of a second longer than he had expected, and gripped him with a virility that was surprising.

And on his own merits the virility and good looks of him drew her admiration.

Their application is not always clear, but they are nearly always indicative of the virility which characterized the old printers.

As he sat there musing, his virility and iron figure gave him rather the appearance of the soldier than the emperor.


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