[ mek-uh-nahyz ]
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verb (used with object),mech·a·nized, mech·a·niz·ing.
  1. to make mechanical.

  2. to operate or perform by or as if by machinery.

  1. to introduce machinery into (an industry, enterprise, etc.), especially in order to replace manual labor.

  2. Military. to equip with tanks and other armored vehicles.

Origin of mechanize

First recorded in 1695–1705; mechan(ic) + -ize
  • Also especially British, mech·a·nise .

Other words from mechanize

  • mech·a·ni·za·tion [mek-uh-nahy-zey-shuhn], /ˌmɛk ə naɪˈzeɪ ʃən/, noun
  • mech·a·niz·er, noun
  • un·mech·a·nized, adjective Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2023

How to use mechanize in a sentence

  • Perhaps our mechanized civilization is going to the dogs; as Scriven suspects and you and maybe I myself.

    The Brain | Alexander Blade
  • And ringed around her at a safe distance was what seemed to be a small mechanized army corps.

    Plague Ship | Andre Norton
  • The industry is highly mechanized and has virtually eliminated hand labor.

    Oahu Traveler's guide | Bill Gleasner
  • Highly mechanized activity tends as Emerson said to turn men into spiders and needles.

  • In every adult life, a large number of these mechanized responses are absolutely essential to efficiency.

    Craftsmanship in Teaching | William Chandler Bagley

British Dictionary definitions for mechanize



/ (ˈmɛkəˌnaɪz) /

  1. to equip (a factory, industry, etc) with machinery

  2. to make mechanical, automatic, or monotonous

  1. to equip (an army, etc) with motorized or armoured vehicles

Derived forms of mechanize

  • mechanization or mechanisation, noun
  • mechanizer or mechaniser, noun

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