[mee-dee-uh l]
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  1. situated in or pertaining to the middle; median; intermediate.
  2. pertaining to a mean or average; average.
  3. ordinary.
  4. Phonetics. within a word or syllable; neither initial nor final, as the t, a, and n in stand.
  5. Entomology. pertaining to, involving, or situated near the media.
  1. Phonetics.
    1. a medial sound or letter.
    2. media2(def 1).

Origin of medial

First recorded in 1560–70, medial is from the Late Latin word mediālis middle. See medium, -al1
Related formsme·di·al·ly, adverbpost·me·di·al, adjectivesub·me·di·al, adjectivesub·me·di·al·ly, adverbsu·per·me·di·al, adjectivesu·per·me·di·al·ly, adverb Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2018

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  1. of or situated in the middle
  2. ordinary or average in size
  3. maths relating to an average
  4. another word for median (def. 1), median (def. 2), median (def. 3)
  5. zoology of or relating to a media
  1. phonetics a speech sound between being fortis and lenis; media
Derived Formsmedially, adverb

Word Origin for medial

C16: from Late Latin mediālis, from medius middle
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Word Origin and History for medially

1804, from medial (adj.) + -ly (2).



1560s, "pertaining to a mathematical mean," from Late Latin medialis "of the middle," from Latin medius "in the middle," from PIE *medhyo- "middle" (cf. Sanskrit madhyah, Avestan madiya- "middle," Greek mesos, Gothic midjis, Old English midd "middle," Old Church Slavonic medzu "between," Armenian mej "middle"); perhaps related to PIE root *me- "between." Meaning "occupying a middle position" is attested from 1721.



"a medial letter," 1776, from medial (adj.).

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medially in Medicine


  1. Relating to, situated in, or extending toward the middle; median.
  2. Being or relating to an average or a mean.
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