[ mef-uh-stof-uh-leez ]
/ ˌmɛf əˈstɒf əˌliz /


Medieval Demonology. one of the seven chief devils and the tempter of Faust.
Also Me·phis·to [muh-fis-toh] /məˈfɪs toʊ/.

OTHER WORDS FROM Mephistopheles

Meph·is·to·phe·li·an, Meph·is·to·phe·le·an [‐stuh-fee-lee-uh n] /‐stəˈfi li ən/, adjective Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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Mephisto (məˈfɪstəʊ)

/ (ˌmɛfɪˈstɒfɪˌliːz) /


a devil in medieval mythology and the one to whom Faust sold his soul in the Faust legend

Derived forms of Mephistopheles

Mephistophelean or Mephistophelian (ˌmɛfɪstəˈfiːlɪən), adjective
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Culture definitions for mephistophelean

[ (mef-i-stof-uh-leez) ]

In the drama Faust by Goethe, a devil who tempts Faust into selling his soul to the powers of darkness. Mephistopheles also appears, with his name spelled Mephistophilis, in the sixteenth-century English play Doctor Faustus, by Christopher Marlowe.

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