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[noun mur-chuh n-dahyz, -dahys; verb mur-chuh n-dahyz]
  1. the manufactured goods bought and sold in any business.
  2. the stock of goods in a store.
  3. goods, especially manufactured goods; commodities.
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verb (used without object), mer·chan·dised, mer·chan·dis·ing.
  1. to carry on trade.
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verb (used with object), mer·chan·dised, mer·chan·dis·ing.
  1. to buy and sell; deal in; trade.
  2. to plan for and promote the sales of.
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Origin of merchandise

1250–1300; Middle English marchandise < Old French. See merchant, -ice
Related formsmer·chan·dis·a·ble, adjectivemer·chan·dis·er, nounun·mer·chan·dised, adjective
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Related Words

product, material, stock, commodity, stuff, vend, wares, number, produce, truck, effects, line, staple, promote, wholesale, distribute, trade, advertise, retail

Examples from the Web for merchandises

Historical Examples

  • We searched the ship, and took some of her merchandises, and so let her go.

    Sir Francis Drake's Famous Voyage Round the World

    Francis Pretty

  • Noblemen of this realm of old time, as also of late years, have dealt in merchandises.

  • That city is one of the best stored of silk and other merchandises that is in the world.

  • Thither merchants go to seek spices and all manner of merchandises, more commonly than in any other part.

  • Here he surprised a ship laden with plate, and other merchandises, outward bound, to buy cocoa-nuts.

British Dictionary definitions for merchandises


noun (ˈmɜːtʃənˌdaɪs, -ˌdaɪz)
  1. commercial goods; commodities
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verb (ˈmɜːtʃənˌdaɪz)
  1. to engage in the commercial purchase and sale of (goods or services); trade
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Derived Formsmerchandiser, noun

Word Origin

C13: from Old French. See merchant
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Word Origin and History for merchandises



mid-13c., "trading, commerce;" mid-14c., "commodities of commerce, wares, articles for sale or trade," from Anglo-French marchaundise, Old French marcheandise "goods, merchandise; trade, business" (12c.), from marchaunt "merchant" (see merchant).

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also merchandize, "to buy and sell; to market," late 14c.; see merchant + -ize. Meaning "promote the sale of goods" is from 1926. Related: Merchandising; merchandizing.

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