/ (mɪxt) /

verb, noun
  1. a Scot word for might 1, might 2

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How to use micht in a sentence

  • He can come an' be my neighbor, an' as he'll hae to get work in ony case, he micht as weel work wi' me as wi' ony ither body.

    The Underworld | James C. Welsh
  • An' forby, we dinna ken but what Mysie micht hae been better if she had never been near it, or worse if she had stayed langer.

    The Underworld | James C. Welsh
  • Ay, it micht mak them humble to see hoo foolish they are syne.

    A Window in Thrums | J. M. Barrie
  • I didna ken the auld man was fair ill or he micht hae bided at the fairm an' tak'n 'is ain time to dee at 'is ease.

    Greyfriars Bobby | Eleanor Atkinson
  • Thoucht ye my wife was feart the minister micht fa' in love wi ye?

    Salted With Fire | George MacDonald