verb, noun

a Scot word for might 1, might 2

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Examples from the Web for micht

Historical Examples of micht

  • And the queston's no whar's the man I micht help, but whaur's the man I maun help.

    Heather and Snow

    George MacDonald

  • Why did na ye call me, so that ain o' us micht eenvestigate?

  • An' wha' kens but it micht jist be stan'in' afore Him, i' the very get that He meant to gang.

    David Elginbrod

    George MacDonald

  • Ay, it micht mak them humble to see hoo foolish they are syne.

    A Window in Thrums

    J. M. Barrie

  • It micht be o' consequence to hae 't correck,' said the solicitor.

    Robert Falconer

    George MacDonald