[ min-struh l ]
/ ˈmɪn strəl /


a medieval poet and musician who sang or recited while accompanying himself on a stringed instrument, either as a member of a noble household or as an itinerant troubadour.
a musician, singer, or poet.
one of a troupe of comedians, usually white men in blackface, presenting songs, jokes, etc., and portraying negative racial stereotypes.

Origin of minstrel

1175–1225; Middle English ministrel < Old French < Late Latin ministeriālis servant (noun use of adj.); see ministerial
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British Dictionary definitions for minstrel

/ (ˈmɪnstrəl) /


a medieval wandering musician who performed songs or recited poetry with instrumental accompaniment
a performer in a minstrel show
archaic, or poetic any poet, musician, or singer

Word Origin for minstrel

C13: from Old French menestral, from Late Latin ministeriālis an official, from Latin minister
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