[ moh-lok, mol-uhk ]
/ ˈmoʊ lɒk, ˈmɒl ək /
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a deity whose worship was marked by the propitiatory sacrifice of children by their own parents. 2 Kings 23:10; Jeremiah 32:35.
anything conceived of as requiring appalling sacrifice: the Moloch of war.
(lowercase) a spiny agamid lizard, Moloch horridus, of Australian deserts, that resembles the horned lizard.



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Also Mo·lech [moh-lek] /ˈmoʊ lɛk/ (for defs. 1, 2).

Origin of Moloch

From Late Latin, from Greek Molóch, from Hebrew Mōlekh, which has the consonants of melekh “king” and the vowels of bōsheth “shame” (caused by idolatry and human sacrifice)
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British Dictionary definitions for Moloch (1 of 2)

/ (ˈməʊlɒk) /


a spiny Australian desert-living lizard, Moloch horridus, that feeds on ants: family Agamidae (agamas)Also called: mountain devil, spiny lizard

British Dictionary definitions for Moloch (2 of 2)


Molech (ˈməʊlɛk)

/ (ˈməʊlɒk) /


Old Testament a Semitic deity to whom parents sacrificed their children
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Cultural definitions for Moloch

[ (moh-lok, mol-uhk) ]

A Canaanite idol who demanded the sacrifice of first-born children. The Old Testament prophets railed against the worship of Moloch by the Israelites.

notes for Moloch

Moloch also appears as one of the fallen angels in Milton's Paradise Lost and as a malevolent figure in other allegorical works of literature.

notes for Moloch

By extension, a “Moloch” is something that has the power to exact extreme sacrifice.
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