mons pubis

[ monz pyoo-bis ]
/ ˈmɒnz ˈpyu bɪs /

noun, plural mon·tes pu·bis [mon-teez-pyoo-bis] /ˈmɒn tizˈpyu bɪs/. Anatomy.

a rounded prominence of fatty tissue over the pubic symphysis, covered with hair after puberty.



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Also called mons.
Compare mons veneris.

Origin of mons pubis

< New Latin: elevation of the pubes; see mons, pubes1 Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2020

British Dictionary definitions for mons pubis

mons pubis
/ (ˈmɒnz ˈpjuːbɪs) /

noun plural montes pubis (ˈmɒntiːz)

the fatty cushion of flesh in human males situated over the junction of the pubic bonesCompare mons veneris

Word Origin for mons pubis

C17: New Latin: hill of the pubes
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Medical definitions for mons pubis

mons pubis
[ pyōōbĭs ]

n. pl. montes pubis

A rounded fleshy protuberance situated over the pubic bones that becomes covered with hair during puberty.pubis
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