[ monz ]
/ mɒnz /

noun, plural mon·tes [mon-teez] /ˈmɒn tiz/. Anatomy.

an area of the body that is higher than neighboring areas.

Origin of mons

1615–25; < New Latin; Latin mōns mountain, hill; see mount2

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[ mawns ]
/ mɔ̃s /


a city in Belgium.

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[ mon ]
/ mɒn /

noun Scot. and North England.

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[ mohn ]
/ moʊn /


an Austroasiatic language used chiefly in Burma in the vicinity of Moulmein.

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[ e-noh ]
/ ɛˈnoʊ /


a medieval county in territory now in SW Belgium and N France.
a province in SW Belgium. 1437 sq. mi. (3722 sq. km). Capital: Mons. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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/ (French mɔ̃s) /


a town in SW Belgium, capital of Hainaut province: scene of the first battle (1914) of the British Expeditionary Force during World War I. Pop: 91 185 (2004 est)Flemish name: Bergen

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/ (French ɛno) /


a province of SW Belgium: stretches from the Flanders Plain in the north to the Ardennes in the south. Capital: Mons. Pop: 1 283 200 (2004 est). Area: 3797 sq km (1466 sq miles)

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/ (məʊn) /


plural Mon or Mons a member of a people of Myanmar and Thailand related to the Khmer of Cambodia
the language of this people, belonging to the Mon-Khmer family
Symbol: Talaing
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from Latin mons (plural montes) "mountain" (see mount (n.)); used in English in various anatomical senses, especially mons Veneris "mountains of Love," fleshy eminence atop the vaginal opening, 1690s; often mons for short.

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[ mŏnz ]

n. pl. mon•tes (mŏntēz)

An anatomical prominence or slight elevation above the general level of the surface.
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