1. resembling a monument; massive or imposing.
  2. exceptionally great, as in quantity, quality, extent, or degree: a monumental work.
  3. of historical or enduring significance: a monumental victory.
  4. Fine Arts. having the quality of being larger than life; of heroic scale.
  5. of or relating to a monument or monuments.
  6. serving as a monument.

Origin of monumental

From the Late Latin word monumentālis, dating back to 1595–1605. See monument, -al1
Related formsmon·u·men·tal·ism, nounmon·u·men·tal·i·ty, nounmon·u·men·tal·ly, adverbpre·mon·u·men·tal, adjectiveun·mon·u·men·tal, adjective

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Historical Examples of monumentally

  • Although in real life the policeman is so monumentally respectable and solid, on the stage he is never anything but comic.

  • Had not Heine and Byron been monumentally bored, they could never have risen to the heights of song.

    Their Son; The Necklace

    Eduardo Zamacois

  • Western Asia is monumentally eloquent of her name, and even the Behistun inscriptions of Darius have been placed to her credit.

  • The average Englishman is tremendously knowledgable about his own concerns and monumentally ignorant about all other things.

    Europe Revised

    Irvin S. Cobb

  • The loss of life in the construction of this road, serious as it was, has been monumentally exaggerated.

    The Panama Canal

    Frederic Jennings Haskin

British Dictionary definitions for monumentally


  1. like a monument, esp in large size, endurance, or importancea monumental work of art
  2. of, relating to, or being a monument
  3. informal (intensifier)monumental stupidity
Derived Formsmonumentality, nounmonumentally, adverb
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Word Origin and History for monumentally



c.1600, "pertaining to a monument," from Late Latin monumentalis "pertaining to a monument," from monumentum (see monument). From 1650s in the loose sense of "vast, stupendous." Related: Monumentally.

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