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[mawr-ey, mohr-ey; maw-rey, moh-]
noun, plural mo·rays.
  1. any of numerous chiefly tropical eels of the family Muraenidae, having porelike gill openings and no pectoral fins.
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Origin of moray

1615–25, Americanism; < Portuguese moréia < Latin mūraena < Greek mȳ́raina lamprey
Also called moray eel.


  1. a historic county in NE Scotland, on Moray Firth.
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Formerly Elgin.
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Historical Examples

  • I was thinking,” said Moray gravely, “of how long it would be before it is day.

    The Ocean Cat's Paw

    George Manville Fenn

  • The return by the east coast was through the counties of Moray and Banff to Aberdeen.

    Robert Burns

    Principal Shairp.

  • Possibly the trumpet-blowing angels did call him Moray, or some better name.

    Robert Falconer

    George MacDonald

  • Give me all my honours, Robert,' said Moray, presenting his left hand.

    Robert Falconer

    George MacDonald

  • Moray, who had no heart to hunt for his mother, left the next day by the steamer.

    Robert Falconer

    George MacDonald

British Dictionary definitions for moray


noun plural -rays
  1. any voracious marine coastal eel of the family Muraenidae, esp Muraena helena, marked with brilliant patterns and colours
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Word Origin

C17: from Portuguese moréia, from Latin mūrēna, from Greek muraina


  1. a council area and historical county of NE Scotland: part of Grampian region from 1975 to 1996: mainly hilly, with the Cairngorm mountains in the S. Administrative centre: Elgin. Pop: 87 460 (2003 est). Area: 2238 sq km (874 sq miles)Former name: Elgin
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  1. 1st Earl of, title of James Stuart. ?1531–70, regent of Scotland (1567–70) following the abdication of Mary, Queen of Scots, his half-sister. He defeated Mary and Bothwell at Langside (1568); assassinated by a follower of Mary
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Word Origin and History for moray


1620s, from Portuguese moreia, from Latin muraena "sea eel, lamprey," from Greek smyraina, from smyros "sea eel."

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