[ muhd-ld ]
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  1. mixed up, confused, or disordered:The rejection is based on faulty underlying assumptions and muddled thinking.

  2. muddy, clouded, or obscured; murky: After a long winter season, your pool is most likely a tub of muddled water with foliage and twigs floating about.

  1. (of an ingredient) mixed, crushed, or mashed into a drink, especially with a muddler: The freshly muddled kiwi adds an unexpected flavor to this handmade cocktail.

  1. the simple past tense and past participle of muddle.

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  • un·mud·dled, adjective

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How to use muddled in a sentence

  • He used to tell me so many that they quite muddled my head and even now I can't tell the tail of one from the head of the other.

    Honey-Bee | Anatole France
  • "The story, as it has been handed on to Branderby, is pretty badly muddled," the editor went on.

    The Wreckers | Francis Lynde
  • The rations were calculated to last for another three days, but their distribution had been muddled.

    Mount Everest the Reconnaissance, 1921 | Charles Kenneth Howard-Bury
  • He was a coward at heart, and too much liquor had somewhat muddled his brain.

    From Farm to Fortune | Horatio Alger Jr.
  • It may just possibly be found, without certificate, however, in those muddled caverns where the excluded intermingle.