[ muhm-buh l-tee-peg ]
/ ˈmʌm bəl tiˌpɛg /


a children's game played with a pocketknife, the object being to cause the blade to stick in the ground or a wooden surface by flipping the knife in a number of prescribed ways or from a number of prescribed positions.
Also mum·ble·de·peg, mum·ble·dy·peg [muhm-buh l-dee-peg] /ˈmʌm bəl diˌpɛg/, mumble peg, mum·ble-the-peg [muhm-buh l-thuh-peg] /ˈmʌm bəl ðəˌpɛg/, mum·ble·ty-peg, mum·bly-peg [muhm-blee-peg] /ˈmʌm bliˌpɛg/.

Origin of mumbletypeg

1620–30; from phrase mumble the peg (see mumble); so named because the losing player was formerly required to pull a peg from the ground with his or her teeth Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2020

British Dictionary definitions for mumbledypeg

/ (ˈmʌmbəltɪˌpɛɡ) /


US a game in which players throw a knife in various prescribed ways, the aim being to make the blade stick in the ground

Word Origin for mumbletypeg

C17: from mumble the peg, a loser in the game being required to pull the knife out of the ground using the teeth
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