1. nanogram; nanograms.

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  1. Chemistry. nitroglycerin.

  2. Anatomy. nasogastric.

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  1. no good.

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  1. National Guard.

  2. New Guinea.

  1. no good. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2023

How to use ng in a sentence

  • B r k b r k b r k  n t h y c l d g r y s t n s s, n d w l d t h t m y t n g c l d t t r T h t h g h t s t h t r s n m.

  • Pack-thread, needles and very l-o-n-g stitches were used, but the work went slowly on.

    Two Little Savages | Ernest Thompson Seton
  • I see that Mark Hanna has donated two millions to be spent in buying ice-cream and ginger snaps for the w-o-r-k-i-n-g-m-a-n.

    Jiglets | Walter Jones
  • Say, we're 'most dead from what these French fellows call ong we, though o-n-g-w-e ain't the way you spell it.

  • A rifle bullet w-h-i-n-g-e-d past his head, making him duck involuntarily and uselessly.

    Triplanetary | Edward Elmer Smith

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the internet domain name for
  1. Nigeria

British Dictionary definitions for NG (2 of 2)


abbreviation for
  1. (in the US) National Guard

  2. New Guinea

  1. Also: ng no good

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