[ ney-truh-yoo-ree-sis ]
/ ˌneɪ trə yʊˈri sɪs /


excretion of sodium in the urine.


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Origin of natriuresis

1957; natri(um) + -uresis < Greek oúrēsis urination, equivalent to ourē-, variant stem of oureîn to urinate + -sis -sis

OTHER WORDS FROM natriuresis

na·tri·u·ret·ic [ney-truh-yoo-ret-ik] /ˌneɪ trə yʊˈrɛt ɪk/, adjective, noun

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Medical definitions for natriuretic (1 of 2)

[ nā′trə-yu-rĕtĭk ]


Relating to or characterized by natriuresis.


A chemical compound that may be used to inhibit the tubular reabsorption of ions from glomerular filtrate, especially sodium ions, thereby resulting in greater amounts of that ion in the urine.

Medical definitions for natriuretic (2 of 2)

[ nā′trə-yu-rēsĭs ]


Excretion of excessive amounts of sodium in the urine.
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